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Lance 1475 floorplan

1475 Travel Trailer

Floor Length: 14'10''
Dry Weight: 3225 Lbs.
Sleeps up to 2/3
Lance 1575 floorplan

1575 Travel Trailer

Floor Length: 15'9''
Dry Weight: 3590 Lbs.
Sleeps up to 4
Lance 1685 floorplan

1685 Travel Trailer

Floor Length: 16'6''
Dry Weight: 4620 Lbs.
Sleeps up to 4
Lance 1985 floorplan

1985 Travel Trailer

Floor Length: 18'9''
Dry Weight: 4965 Lbs.
Sleeps up to 4
Lance 1995 floorplan

1995 Travel Trailer

Floor Length: 19'2''
Dry Weight: 4950 Lbs.
Sleeps up to 4
Lance 2075 floorplan

2075 Travel Trailer

Floor Length: 20'3''
Dry Weight: 4930 Lbs.
Sleeps up to 4
Lance 2185 floorplan

2185 Travel Trailer

Floor Length: 21'2''
Dry Weight: 5345 Lbs.
Sleeps up to 7
Lance 2285 floorplan

2285 Travel Trailer

Floor Length: 22'6''
Dry Weight: 5775 Lbs.
Sleeps up to 4/6
Lance 2375 floorplan

2375 Travel Trailer

Floor Length: 23'6''
Dry Weight: 5810 Lbs.
Sleeps up to 4/5
Lance 2445 floorplan

2445 Travel Trailer

Floor Length: 24'11''
Dry Weight: 6605 Lbs.
Sleeps up to 8
Lance 2465 floorplan

2465 Travel Trailer

Floor Length: 24'11''
Dry Weight: 6830 Lbs.
Sleeps up to 5
Lance 2465 truck camper 360

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2465 Travel Trailer 360

Lance Camper Factory Tour

Lance Camper Factory Tour

A behind the scenes look at what is "The Lance Difference!" Take a plant tour of Lance Camper Manufacturing Corporation, makers of class leading Travel Trailers & Truck Campers.

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