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Matching a Lance Trailer to Your Tow Vehicle


These are general guidelines to use when matching a trailer to your tow vehicle, assuming standard equipment on your trailer. Whether any travel trailer can be used with your vehicle and its capacities for carrying and/or towing is affected by how much optional equipment is added to the trailer, and the weight of passengers and all other items you carry in your tow vehicle and trailer.

To get an approximate weight of the model of your choice equipped with the optional features you are considering, the "Build Yours" feature at is a great resource. Because we’re unfamiliar with your tow vehicle, Lance makes no warranties or representation – expressed or implied – as to performance or reliability of your tow vehicle with a Lance trailer. For professional guidance, always consult with your Factory Authorized Lance Dealer. They’re trained in calculating proper matches between towvehicles and trailers.

Hitch weight is actually being hauled while the remaining trailer weight is being towed.
A - B = D

Ex: If a trailer has an overall weight of 4k lbs. with 400 lbs. of hitch weight that would mean 3600 lbs. is on the axles and being towed. (4,000 – 400 = 3,600 or D. Towed Weight)

Cargo capacity must also consider hitch weight as well as axle weight rating.
C - D = Cargo Capacity

Ex. If the axle weight rating is 5200 (2600 each x 2) for this unit you will have 1600 lbs. of axle capacity for cargo. (5,200 – 3,600 = 1,600 or Cargo Capacity)

Tow Guide

Need help in sizing your tow vehicle to a Lance, information on hitches, or towing tips? Trailer Life has some excellent towing guides that you can download and read.

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DISCLAIMER: These are general guidelines to use when matching a trailer to your tow vehicle. For more details, consult with a Lance Factory Authorized Dealer. Also refer to page 19 of the 2020 Lance travel trailer brochure for more details regarding vehicle matching and all disclaimers. Visit the "warranty" page for more information.

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