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Meet The Hosts

Bob Rogers– Director of Marketing
Director of Marketing

Bob Rogers

A Michigan native and lifetime RVer Bob has been drawn to adventuring outside since childhood. His marketing career working with brands including Nissan, Fleetwood RV, Kawasaki and Lance have brought him west where the enjoyment of those passions with family and friends lend authenticity to the LIVE. LANCE. LIFE. mantra in his daily works.

"Making memories while enjoying a high-quality RV is what this awesome RV lifestyle is all about. I'm passionate about sharing the benefits of both the lifestyle and Lance Campers with others."

Marketing Coordinator

Jim Waters

A keen outdoor enthusiast and seeker of experience Jim enjoys the coastlines and mountains of California and can most often be found trying to get out and appreciating those areas in any way possible. A journalist by training and marketer by trade he tackles digital tactics, social media and brand communication.

"The key to bringing our RVs to life is understanding the technical aspects of what make them special and communicating to the end user how that will enhance their experience."

Jim Waters – Marketing Coordinator

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