How to Get More Counter Space in Your Lance

1. Use a stove or sink cover.

When you aren’t using either, you can turn the space into a usable counter! By using covers, you can create more places to set things down.

2. Add a countertop extension

If you don’t want to mess with moving the covers on and off, you can go with a countertop extension. It folds up as needed and can be mounted to your counter for extra space.

3. Hang things under and inside cabinets.

By storing things under and inside cabinets, you’ll be able to clear up even more space. Some things that are commonly stored like this are paper towel holders, a basket for sponges and soap, hanging fruit baskets, under-the-cabinet coffee maker, and magnetic spice tins.

4. Dry your dishes over the sink.

If your RV doesn’t have a dishwasher, you can use a disk drainer over the sink so that you aren’t taking up as much space. It can be folded down compactly and then stored when you aren’t using it, so it takes up virtually no extra space.

5. Use your dinette or picnic table for extra space.

You can move your items like dishes and cups to the table while you are cooking to make more space as well. If you still need some more space, you could get a small folding table that would come in handy when you are on the road. 

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