De-clutter Your Lance

After a summer full of traveling in your Lance, it’s always nice to take some time to clean and declutter. It will make future trips run smoother as well as keep track of things that may have otherwise become lost forever. It can be a daunting task to declutter your Lance, but we have a few tips that will help you stay on task.

1. What items spark joy?

This is also known as the KonMari method. It has become an extremely popular way to organize and it would work great when cleaning out your RV! Ask yourself if the item sparks any joy when you pick it up, and if not, go ahead and toss it. While random RV essentials like hand sanitizer and spark plugs may not spark joy, they are important. Don’t get rid of things that you will just have to replace the next time you hit the road.

2. While decluttering, keep similar items together. 

When the weather is nice, pull everything out of your RV and organize it into groups in the garage or somewhere that you have plenty of space. Start with one of your groups and go through it, asking yourself how often you use it and if you really need it.

3. Time for some elbow grease.

Once you get everything out of your RV, it’s time to give it a thorough cleaning. Get ready beforehand and gather up all of your cleaning supplies, buckets, hot water, towels, and anything else you need. Give everything in the camper a deep clean and, if you didn’t do it this year already, sanitize the black, gray, and fresh water tanks while you’re at it. This will keep your RV in the best shape possible and you can avoid expensive problems later on.

4. Declutter some forgotten things on the list.

Another thing to do in the off-time is to have your oil and fluids changed if you have a Class A, B, or C RV. It’s also smart to check old spark plugs and belts, as well as checking out the engine for any problems. Check on your registration and insurance to make sure it is up to date and keep them in a safe place. You could also take a look at your RV keys and see if there is anything you could take off of them to make them lighter.

5. Embrace the module.

Grab some containers that can hold essentials in one spot. It’s nice to have a spot for all of your towels to go together or a place that the spices can be found. It helps to find things easier and to keep all of your like items in the same place.

6. Get a fresh look. 

If it’s been awhile, now is a great time to make some adjustments to your RV. Maybe the carpet could use replaced or painting the walls will give it a facelift. For a smaller fix, switch out some doorknobs and add some photos or artwork to make it look like a new space.

7. Start the next trip right.

While you’re decluttering, it’s also nice to make a camping checklist. You can put everything that will need to be purchased before the trip as well as things that need to be done before you depart. By having a list of things to check before each trip already made, you will be less stressed when you’re packing, and it will be a better trip overall.

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