Tips To Prep Your Home for a Long Trip

When you go on an a  trip, it’s likely going to be a long vacation. There are some important things to do to prepare your home for being unoccupied for a long period of time. 


One of the most important aspects is making sure that your home appears occupied. The best ways to do that are to:

1. Lock all external doors, window, and the garage. You don’t want anyone getting in in any way. Lock any possible way that someone could get into your home.

2. Don’t hide your house keys. Thieves are going to know the popular spots and any products that hid house keys. 

3. Ask neighbors to keep an eye on your house. Let your neighbors know when and how long you’ll be gone. Give them additional contacts so that if you are not able to be reached, they can get in touch with someone else. You could even ask them to park in your driveway if they live close enough. 

4. Set programmable light timers. Light timers can turn lamps on and off every night and help to keep up the illusion that you are still there. 

5. Activate motion activated outdoor floodlights. A theft is probably going to leave if you have bright floodlights. They also are a nice welcome home when you return.

6. Adjust window blinds, visible valuables, and safe deposit boxes. Leave your blinds as they are when you are at home. Make sure that any valuables are put away, and if you can store them in a safe deposit box.

7. Stop the mail and newspaper deliveries. If you don’t check your mail, it will accumulate and overflow while you are gone. By putting your mail on hold, you’ll be able to avoid that happening. You could also have a friend or neighbor pick up the mail and newspaper while you are gone.

8. Keep green traitors in check. Green traitors means grass, shrubs, and trees. These can get unruly, but it’s an easy fix. Hire a local college student or a lawn care service that you trust to maintain your lawn.

9. Consider a professional security system. This will allow you to have peace of mind while you’re on the road.

10. Consider a web camera system. With one of these, you will be able to keep a real-time watch over your home while you are gone. 

11. The bog bowl and chain trick. Put a big dog bowl and a worn out chain outside your house and maybe even a “Beware of Dog” sign to make it look like you have a watchdog.

12. Use faux alarm signs and stickers. To go along with the dog trick, add signs that inform others that your house is secure.

13. Never post travel plans or events on social media. While you are gone, you don’t want people know that you are not home. By not posting your whereabouts, no one will suspect that you are away from your house. 

14. Set your thermostat. Depending on the weather, you want to make sure that you set your thermostat on a comfortable temperature that will ensure that you don’t come home to busted pipes, mold, or something else that would need fixed.

15. Turn your water off. By turning off the water, you’ll be able to prevent something bad happening, like a water leak. 

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