Must Visit Rest Areas

When you’re on the road, you can find some interesting rest areas along the way. We’ve found some stops that are almost as interesting as the destination you are heading towards. By checking out one of these six locations, you’ll be able to get a feel of the current location. 


1. Meteor Crater Rest Area in Arizona

This rest stop even has its own website! It features the normal things like restrooms, water, vending machines, pet areas, and picnic tables. All of it has been said to be spotless. The views that surround this rest area are amazing and it is only a short walk to the Meteor Crater Natural Landmark.

2. Ohio Turnpike Service Plaza RV Lots

Ohio Turnpike Commission offers sections for RVs that allow one-night stops that include electric hookups and dump stations. They are super convenient and include access to restrooms, private showers, laundry facilities, and sometimes they even have gift shops and vending machines.

3. Harris Beach State Park Rest Area, Oregon

This rest area is one of the most scenic stops in Oregon. This rest stop features restrooms, water, picnic tables, and it is ADA compliant. It has an RV dump station as part of the campground and it is easily accessible. You’ll find a beach with views of the dunes and of the Pacific Ocean when you stop!

4. Bonneville Salt Flats Rest Area, Utah

This rest area stretches over 30,000 acres of desert and it features a salt pan that’s from an ancient lake. It also has a picnic shelter made of concrete, restrooms, and a pet area. The rest stop makes for interesting photos and it will be a stop you won’t forget.

5. Gray County Safety Rest Area, Texas

You’ll find interesting architecture at this rest stop on I-40. It is an interpretive center and was inspired by natural rock. It’s also powered by a wind turbine. It features ADA restrooms, diaper changing stations, water, a playground, separate RV and truck parking spaces, and even a tornado shelter! There’s also a walking trail with picnic tables and Texas shaped barbecues.

6. Greycliff Rest Area, Montana

Because there is a lot of space between cities in Montana, they allow overnight stops at any of their rest areas. This one in Greycliff features restrooms, a fenced pet station, shaded picnic tables, water, and an interpretive center on the area’s prehistory. You’ll want to plan to stay a while so that you can take in the amazing views of snowcapped mountains and rolling plains.

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