Foods to Always Have in Stock

While you've got your favorite food items that you like to have in stock at home, traveling in a Lance Camper means that sometimes you may find yourself with limited access to getting more food, depending on where your road has taken you.

With that in mind, it's smart to have some staples in stock at all times. These items are either non-perishable or have very long shelf lives, and are versatile to boot.

Olive Oil

Olive oil can help you make most foods tastier and more calorie laden. It lasts longer than most other oils and can be used to fry and grilll in your cooking.

Canned Beans

Canned beans are essential to any traveler's pantry. They're the ultimate fallback food in an emergency, edible even when eaten straight out of the can. The long shelf life, coupled with plenty of calories and nutrients, makes them ideal.

Pasta and Sauce

Another basic, calorie rich food option is pasta. Just add a bit of sauce to liven it up and you've got a meal. Opt for sauces that are packaged in packets rather than jars for a bit of extra shelf live. Pasta, of course, lasts plenty of time in storage. Choose long, thin pastas (spaghetti, angel hair) over other varieties to save room.


Rice is another longlasting and versatile staple, and lasts longer than any of the other options on this list (up to five years if stored properly). Use it to fill out any number of other dishes or as a side.

Hit the Road in a Lance Camper

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