Visit the Boondocking Capital of the World

Visit the Boondocking Capital of the World 

There are literally millions of destinations to visit in your Lance Camper, but not all of them are attractive and welcoming in the winter. Travelers tend to stick to the extreme south and southwest when planning for camping or boondocking after October. If you have never traveled to the mecca of boondocking, Quartzsite, AZ, should be your next destination this winter.

A Ghost Town

This very small town remains desolate and nearly empty through the summer, except for a few brave fulltime residents. However, falling temperatures and frigid snows drive thousands of people to seek out the winter warmth of Arizona. The town itself is home to numerous well-equipped campgrounds, but boondocking and dry camping out in the desert is also very popular. The area first became popular due to its high level of gemstone deposits - hence its name. Many campers who winter in Quartzsite now could care less about rocks, but instead seek out the warmth and companionship offered by such a large gathering of outdoor lovers.

Big Time Boom

RV Adventuring reports that the Arizona Highway Department estimates that nearly a million people visit this spot for the annual vacation and RV show that has been put on for over 40 years. There are also other gatherings and events held during the winter, including a gemstone show and car shows for classic auto lovers. The entire destination is geared towards people who love traveling and who don't want to sit indoors through winter. Hiking, boating, and other outdoor sports can all be enjoyed during the mild temperatures.

Near The Attractions

Quartzsite is the ideal stop for travelers that love the wilderness. There are thousands of acres of Bureau of Land Management space to explore, in addition to the Imperial National Wilderness Refuge and Kofa National Wilderness Refuge. Finally, don't forget about Lake Havasu. It's 50 miles north of the town, but its sparkling waters are well worth a day trip in your Lance Camper. The town itself is full of small shops and temporary buildings to cater to visitors, and grocery stores and other suppliers can be found within just 15 to 25 miles down the highway.

Boondock this Winter in a Lance Camper

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