Lance News - Holiday Decor Ideas in Your Lance Camper

Holiday Decor Ideas in Your Lance Camper

Holiday Decor Ideas in Your Lance Camper 

Those who travel year ‘round in their Lance Camper or those who decided to spend their Christmas vacation traveling may want to decorate for the holidays, but don’t bring decorations because of space restrictions. That's okay! Visit a local store and pick up some modest decorations. With a few tips, you can stretch a few decorative pieces a long way.

The Christmas Tree

Pick up a small Christmas tree — you can find small real trees or live trees or you can purchase a fake tree from a big box department store. If you get a live tree, it can stay inside with you while it is small. If you get a fake tree, find one that comes apart for easy storage.

You should be able to store decorations for a small tree in one medium storage container. Pick up hanging decorations from different places; each one will provide a memory when you hang it on the tree.

The Wreath

Depending on where you are located during the holidays, you may be able to find pine branches and pine cones in the woods nearby. Make your own wreath for the door of your Lance Camper by wrapping the branches around a coat hanger and tying them on with string or wire ties. Use string to attach the pinecones to the branches. You an also group several branches together at the end and tie them with a bright ribbon.

Mount temporary sticky hooks to the outside of the Lance Camper so you can hang Christmas lights. You can also decorate the canopy or a nearby tree — just be sure that you cover any cords on the ground with a throw rug or run the cord out of the way so no one trips on it.

Take It Outside

If you do not want to put a tree inside, you can always set the tree up outside. Be sure to use plastic ornaments — some of them look like glass — in case the wind blows them off the tree. If you have children, store the gifts in the passthrough storage. Just get up before the kids get up to put the gifts under the tree. If you do this and you are in a campground, it might be a good idea to keep an eye on your setup once you put the gifts under the tree. You never know who is camping near you and sometimes, things tend to grow legs.

Travel in a Lance Camper this Holiday

Thinking of buying a new Lance Camper for your family to enjoy this holiday season? Visit any dealership that carries Lance Camper and tour a model or two today to find one that's perfect for you.