4 Seasons Package for Your Lance Camper

4 Seasons Package for Your Lance Camper 

The Lance Camper lifestyle isn't limited to one time of year, and that's why Lance offers their unbeatable 4 Seasons All Weather Package. The Lance Four Seasons Certified Option can be included in any truck camper, travel trailer or toy hauler, so you can enjoy the Lance Camper of your dreams in all temperatures. The following are a few of the features you'll enjoy when you opt for an All Weather Package.

Dual Pane Windows

Dual pane windows have been proven to provide superior insulation. Lance's dual pane windows look great, provide sound proofing and repel light and heat to keep the interior of your Lance Camper cool on hot days. If you're traveling in the winter months, you'll appreciate that the dual panes keep warm air in and cool air out.

Ducted Heating System

Lance campers, travel trailers and toy haulers featuring the All Weather Package are complete with a ducted heating system, so you can forget about cold or hot spots in your Lance Camper.

Water Heater Bypass

Your 4 Seasons Lance will be equipped with a water heater bypass and winterizing valve, so you can store your camper and rest assured that it will be as good as new next season.

Azdel Walls

Wood is no longer used in Lance Camper walls. Azdel is a Thermoplastic composite that provides better insulation and is never susceptible to rot, mildew or mold. Another perk of your Lance Camper's Azdel construction is that you'll enjoy superior soundproofing at the campsite.

Insulated Hatch Covers

Keeping your Lance Camper cool in the summer and warm in the winter is all about insulation, and insulated hatch covers are just one more step toward keeping you comfortable. Lance's snap-on hatch covers are easy to install and remove as temperatures change throughout the day.

Start Building Your Lance

One of the biggest perks of buying a Lance camper, travel trailer or toy hauler is that you can build it with the features and options you need. Simply click on the "Build Yours" link on the Lance website, and start customizing your dream Lance Camper today.