Lance News - What to Leave at Home

What to Leave at Home

What to Leave at Home 

You're probably excited about hitting the road in your Lance Camper. After all, it's a home on wheels. You can bring everything and make it feel exactly like your brick and mortar home.

Well, almost, but not quite. Traveling in your Lance Camper is certainly way more comfortable than traveling in a car and you'll definitely feel like it's home when you're living out of it on the road, but you can't (and certainly don't want to) bring everything along for the ride. Space is limited and not everything is worth packing. If you've packed one of these items already, it's probably best that you remove it before hitting the road.

Excessive Tools

You should definitely include a basic tool kit, some duct tape, a can of WD-40... those things are all great items that don't take up much room and can help in a pinch. What you don't want to do is bring along your deluxe socket wrench set, your table saw, or an industrial sander.

While you might be tempted to bring all of your niche tools and equipment so that you can DIY a fix on your hauling vehicle or your Lance Camper, it's best to analyze the cost to benefit ratio of such a move: if and when a situation comes up where you'd need that obscure tool comes up, does it retroactively justify the space it took up for the past year? Probably not. Just call a local service center and save the space.

Too Much Food

You want to avoid stocking your Lance Camper like it's a doomsday bunker on wheels. Stick to buying food you need in the immediate future rather than buying like you're about to open up a food truck. Shop like you would at home most of the time and only buy food you plan to use in the next week of travel. Your storage space has its limits, so don't overstrain it.

Keeping it Light

When it comes to furnishing your Lance Camper, opt for the lightweight version of everything: take the paperback over the hardcover, the paper plates over the china, and the Swiss army knife over the pocket knife, nail clippers, pliers, and scissors.

Hit the Road in a Lance Camper

Lance Campers encourage you to travel more often, and with so many affordable and versatile models to choose from, there's definitely a Lance Camper that's right for you. Head to your local dealership and shop for a truck camper, travel trailer, or toy hauler today.