Lance News - Space Saving Tips in Your Lance Camper

Space Saving Tips in Your Lance Camper

Space Saving Tips in Your Lance Camper 

While Lance Campers don't have as much space as a brick-and-mortar home, that doesn't mean you can't create your own storage solutions to save on space. In fact, Lance Camper enthusiasts just like you have been coming up with creative storage solutions since they started hitting the roads in their truck campers, travel trailers, and toy haulers. The following are a few of the best options for creating more storage space in your home on wheels.

Add Shelves to Kitchen Cabinets

Much of your Lance Camper's cabinet space is being wasted right now. Without shelves, the upper half of each cabinet is probably left empty. Add an additional shelve or two to each of your cabinets using a large metal shelf from the home improvement store. Placing your food, dishes and other items in plastic bins on the shelves will also help prevent spillage. 

Opt for Stacking Dishes When Possible

As many people turn toward minimizing with smaller living spaces, more camper-friendly products are created. Travelers can now buy stackable plates, cups, and mixing bowls that take up minimal space inside your Lance Camper's cabinets. Opt for stackable items whenever possible to create more room for the other things you wish to bring on your travels.

Use Vacuum Bags

There are plenty of items in your Lance Camper that probably don't get as much use as others. Extra sheets, blankets, beach towels and winter clothing may not need to take up space inside your Lance Camper year-round. Use vacuum bags to compress those large linens and unused clothing, so you can travel with them without taking up too much precious space. 

Use Netting for Wall Storage

Netting is an ideal storage solution for bulky or oddly-shaped items. Attach storage nets to your walls to store sporting equipment, shoes and other items that can be difficult to store in other areas. Storage nets can be purchased on or found at most big box stores. 

Travel in a Lance Camper

Lance Campers encourage you to travel more often, and with so many affordable and versatile models to choose from, there's definitely a Lance Camper that's right for you. Head to your local dealership and shop for a truck camper, travel trailer, or toy hauler today.