Lance News - Fire Prevention Tips in Your Lance Camper

Fire Prevention Tips in Your Lance Camper

Fire Prevention Tips in Your Lance Camper 

One of the main concerns when traveling in a truck camper or travel trailer is fire. Fire is one situation a recreational vehicle owner does not want to deal with. To help prevent fires in your Lance Camper, here are a few tips to consider and implement to ensure a safe trip.

Maintenance Checks and Fire Inspections

  • Maintain a monthly fire inspection: check all hoses and belts for splits or cracks, ensure clamps holding hoses are secure, and check for any signs of fluid leakage.
  • Have the radiator inspected by a professional.
  • Check fuel lines frequently for any signs of leakage. Have faulty lines replaced and the fuel system inspected by a qualified mechanic.
  • Check tires between stops to ensure they're in good shape. Tires can ignite due to friction from a dragging brake.
  • Check and clean the hood in the galley to prevent a grease fire.

Basic Safety Rules

  • Store charcoal in a metal container with lid to keep it dry. Damp charcoal is combustible.
  • Keep all cleaning rags containing residue from petroleum or oil-based products in metal containers to prevent combustion.
  • Shut off propane while traveling.
  • Keep the battery compartment well vented and do not allow any type of flame or spark near a battery as they can explode.
  • Install a fire alarm and a carbon monoxide detector.
  • When preparing meals, never leave the stove unattended.
  • Be extra careful with indoor smoking.
  • Keep flammable items away from the stove and space heater.

Have a Plan

  • Have at least two easily accessible exit routes from your Lance Camper.
  • Make sure everyone on board knows where the designated exits are located.
  • Practice the "stop, drop, and roll" method should clothing catch fire.
  • Keep a minimum of three fire extinguishers. Place one in the galley, another in the bedroom, and the third in the tow vehicle or in an outside, unlocked compartment.
  • Be sure everyone knows how to use the extinguisher.
  • Learn how to check the fire extinguisher gauge to ensure it has enough pressure in case it's needed.

Travel in a Lance Camper

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