Lance News - Getting Your Kids Excited About the Outdoors

Getting Your Kids Excited About the Outdoors

Getting Your Kids Excited About the Outdoors 

A camping trip in your new Lance Camper can be the perfect way to encourage more physical activity and exploration in your children. Get your kids excited about a camping trip if you want the entire family to have an experience they will never forget. Getting them psyched for the trip is easier than you think if you follow some simple steps.

Share The Details

Many kids can't get excited about something if they don't really understand what is happening. Even kids as young as three can enjoy looking at the maps and photos of your planned destination. If you are still shopping for your Lance Camper, try taking them with you to the dealership. Touring the models can inspire a new sense of adventure in any kid.

Plan Together

Families have more fun when everyone has at least one activity that really excites them. Consider your child's interests and try to find a stop along the way that will catch their interest. For example, most medium-sized towns have at least one amusement park, kid's museum, or playground. Even a stop at their favorite restaurant will make the trip more fun for everyone.

Let Them Adjust

A kid's first camping trip may not be much fun if they are used to being indoors all the time. Give them some time to adjust and don't push them to spend all day outdoors at first. Start with some short excursions to interesting sites and soon they will be outdoors on their own accord. Always prepare them with sunscreen and bug spray or they will only regret stepping outside of the air conditioned Lance Camper.

Travel in a Lance Camper

You know what would really help your kids get excited for a long road trip? Traveling in the comfort and convenience of a Lance Camper. From truck campers to toy haulers, there's a Lance Camper that's perfect for your family road trip.