Lance News - Simple Cleaning Tips for Your Lance Camper

Simple Cleaning Tips for Your Lance Camper

Simple Cleaning Tips for Your Lance Camper 

Your summer Lance Camper excursions have put a lot of wear and tear on the interior and exterior of your Lance Camper, and there's no better time to prepare for your winter adventures than now.

Be Properly Prepared

With so many cleaning products available, it can be tough to choose which ones are right for your Lance Camper. Always choose a high-quality, environmentally-safe cleaner that's designed to to protect the exterior of your vehicle. Using a multi-purpose cleaner can be useful for cleaning the interior and exterior of your Lance Camper, and it can save you a few extra dollars on supplies too.

Don't forget to use a cotton wash cloth and a soft bristled brush, so you don't damage the exterior of your truck camper or travel trailer.

Washing the Exterior

Start cleaning the top of your Lance Camper first, then work your way down to the bottom. Use the soft bristled brush to scrub the top, sides and back of your Lance Camper. And don't forget to scrub the seams, lights, storage doors and other compartments that tend to trap dirt from your travels. Your Lance Camper's wheels and undercarriage will need additional attention too.

Your Lance Camper is probably caked in bugs from the road, and one of the best ways to remove them is with dryer sheets. Wet the areas you want to clean, then use a dryer sheet as a wash cloth to remove them.

Organize The Interior

Fall cleaning is the perfect way to prepare your Lance Camper for your winter travels. Remove all of the summer gear crowding your storage spaces to make room for winter supplies. And if you'll be storing your Lance Camper for winter, you'll be happy to step into a fresh, clean Lance Camper when spring rolls around.

See the Country in a Lance Camper

See more of the country in your very own Lance Camper. From truck campers to toy haulers, there's a Lance Camper for every kind of traveler. Whether you want something that can fit onto the back of your truck or a veritable garage on wheels to haul your favorite toys to your favorite destinations, there's a Lance Camper for that. See your local Lance Camper dealership today and tour a model to learn more.