Lance News - Tips to Make Your Lance Camper More Like Home

Tips to Make Your Lance Camper More Like Home

Tips to Make Your Lance Camper More Like Home 

Your Lance Camper is your home on wheels, and there's no reason it shouldn't feel as comfortable as the brick-and-mortar home you left behind. Follow these three simple tips to turn your Lance Camper into a comfortable and cozy oasis.

1. Adjust Your Lighting

Take the time to find LED lights in a color and brightness that suit your preferences and use them in place of your overhead and reading lights. Additionally, opt for candles or flameless LED candles for mood lighting at night and whenever you don't want bright lights shining in your vehicle.

2. Decorate Like Home

You don't have to live with stock interior that came with your Lance Camper when you purchased it. Don't be afraid to remove carpeting and replace it with a color or texture you enjoy. Lance Camper enthusiasts can also transform their interiors with simple and affordable additions like new rugs, bedding, towels and throw pillows.

In addition to buying new soft goods, hanging pictures, adding decor pieces and placing a few plants around your Lance Camper can really add a touch of home. Just remember to secure your items before hitting the road.

3. Use Quality Dishes

Contrary to popular belief, you can use real dishes and silverware in your Lance Camper. Stocking your Lance Camper with quality dishes and glasses can make it feel more like you live inside your Lance Camper rather than simply use it as a camper.

Use wine boxes from the grocery store to separate your glasses and keep them safe when you're on then road, then stock your shelves when you arrive at your destination. Non-slip shelf liners and a piece of non-slip lining between each dish will also keep your plates and bowls in place when you're on the go.

Find Your Dream Lance Camper

Not feeling comfortable on your travels? Stop by a Lance Camper dealership anywhere nationwide to find your perfect Lance Camper. Whether a truck camper or a travel trailer, Lance Camper has a floorplan that's perfect for you.