Visit Pinnacles National Park

Visit Pinnacles National Park 

Looking for a national park to visit this fall? Pinnacles National Park is one of California's better wilderness areas (and that's saying a lot since California has some of the best national parks anywhere in the world).

The park's namesakes are the eroded leftovers of the western half of an extinct volcano that has moved 200 miles from its original location on the San Andreas Fault, embedded in a portion of the California Pacific Coast Ranges. Pinnacles is managed by the National Park Service and the majority of the park is protected as wilderness.

The national park is divided by the rock formations into East and West Divisions, connected by foot trails; there is no through road that connects the east and west entrances to the park. The east side has shade and water, the west has high walls.

The rock formations provide for spectacular pinnacles that attract rock climbers. The park features unusual talus caves that house at least thirteen species of bat. Pinnacles is most often visited in spring or fall because of the intense heat during the summer months.

There are several trails for day hikers, some of which are strenuous. Camping facilities are available on the east side in the Pinnacles Campground.

Until recently, the park was a national monument, which was established by Teddy Roosevelt in 1908. The monument was raised to park status by Barack Obama in early 2013.

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