The Importance of Recognizing Heat Exhaustion

The Importance of Recognizing Heat Exhaustion 

Sunny days call to every RV traveler. It's hypnotic, as if those bright rays are calling out our names to pack our bags and head out on the greatest trip of our lives. But before we engage in the numerous outdoor activities, we need to be careful of the warning signs of heat exhaustion.

Heat exhaustion is a dangerous condition that can effect people in both the spring and the summer. It can happen to the young and old, so always keep an eye on the people you love who are out in the hot outdoor temperatures.

Notice The Warning Signs

A person experiencing heat exhaustion will show specific signs. Some these signs include:

  • Weakness
  • Tiredness
  • Pale and clammy skin
  • Sweating profusely
  • Disorientation

When a person is showing such signs, you need to give them immediate help. Take the person to a shady spot and have them lie down. Loosen any tight-fitting clothing and fan them to cool the person off. Have them drink some cold water or any type of liquid that has electrolytes, such as a sports drink.

Never give a person coffee, tea or any other beverage containing caffeine. You should also avoid giving a person alcohol or drugs when they are experiencing heat exhaustion. If the person doesn't show any signs of improvement, seek immediate medical attention.

Prevent Heat Exhaustion While On Your RV Adventure

Ensure everyone on your RV trip wears light and loose-fitting clothing on the very hot days. Wear a hat to ward off the sun's rays while you carry (and drink) plenty of water.

Take frequent breaks during your outdoor fun. Find a shady place and relax, taking in plenty of liquids. Avoid doing too much on extremely hot days. Instead, enjoy some activities in your air-conditioned RV or find indoor activities at the RV resort park where there is plenty of cool air inside the recreational centers.

Pay particular attention to children, older adults and pets who can be affected by the heat faster. If you purchased a travel trailer from your Michigan RV dealer, never leave a child or pet locked in the towing vehicle during hot days, even if you have a window rolled down.

Heat exhaustion kills people of all ages every year. Keep yourself and the people you love protected by following the above prevention tips and recognizing the signs when a person is experiencing heat exhaustion. Have a great ad safe time on your RV adventures across the country.

Hit the Road in a Lance Camper

Now that you know what to do in case of heat exhaustion, you can more safely head out on your next adventure. Hit the road in your very own Lance Camper and enjoy those sunny days!