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The Best Road Trip Games

The Best Road Trip Games 

As anyone who has travelled with children before can tell you, kids get antsy on the road, don't have the patience for longer trips, and can make some pretty poor travel mates if they get bored. Road trip games can help alleviate boredom and keep the kids from fighting, which any parent will appreciate. The next time you hit the road with your kids in your Lance Camper, try out one or more of these classic road trip games to stave off your kid's boredom.

I Spy

Play one of the classics: I Spy. One person chooses an object that will be in sight for at least a few minutes. He or she gives a clue such as “I spy with my little eye something that is red.” The first person to guess correctly gets to “spy” next.

License Plates

This is another classic game. Find plates from different states. Keep track of who found what and the person who finds the most by the end of the trip wins. You can also look for letters or even try to guess vanity plate sayings depending on your children's ages.

Yellow Car

Keep track of all the yellow vehicles on road. The person who saw the most – one point per yellow vehicle – by the end of the trip wins. This works for any color really, but yellow is that perfect balance of rare but not too rare. Blue and red cars are everywhere and green is almost nonexistent.

Find the Alphabet

Each person can only look at signs out of his or her side of the vehicle. Look for every letter of the alphabet – in alphabetical order. You get only one letter per sign and the letter must be the first letter in a word on the sign. For example, a sign that says 'Fresh Apples' would be good for the letter 'A.'

Another Alphabet Game

One person picks a topic such as animals, fruit, vegetables, car models, etc. That person says an item that begins with the letter 'A.' The next person chooses the name of something in the topic that begins with a 'B.” For example, in the fruit category, one person would say 'apple,' the next would say 'banana.'

Travel in a Lance Camper

You know what would really help your kids on a long road trip? Traveling in the comfort and convenience of a Lance Camper. From truck campers to toy haulers, there's a Lance Camper that's perfect for your family road trip.