Lance News - Tips to be More Green on the Road

Tips to be More Green on the Road

Tips to be More Green on the Road 

If you're looking to travel greener and make less of an impact on the environment during your travels, here are some green tips you can use on the road while traveling in your Lance Camper this summer.

Clean Greener

A number of major companies have started creating non-toxic, environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies and tank additives to reduce the amount of harm travelers cause when cleaning the interior and exterior of their motorhomes and travel trailers. Choose these products over more harmful ones or use other (more budget-friendly) non-toxic household items like vinegar and baking soda to clean instead.

Travel Together

Although it can be fun for large groups of campers to meet separately at the campsite, you can save the environment (and tons of money on fuel) by traveling in groups. Some Lance Campers are capable of sleeping seven or more people, and they often house only two. Instead of meeting your friends at the campground, get in your Lance Camper and travel together.

Let Nature Help

Running the air conditioning in summer time can begin to feel like second nature, and sometimes we even run it when it's not needed at all. Try using fans, shades and awnings instead of air conditioning on warm days, and always use those cool summer breezes to your advantage. In colder weather, choosing blankets over heaters can save a lot of unnecessary energy too.

Regulate Your Campfire

Campfires can spread at the drop of a hat, so always stay up-to-date on your campground's fire rules as well as their daily weather conditions. And remember to keep your campfire small to reduce the amount of pollution that's sent into the air.

Explore the Country in a Lance Camper

Start living the green lifestyle on the road in your own Lance Camper. From truck campers to toy haulers, Lance Camper makes a model that's perfect for your travels.