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Lance Four Seasons Weather Package

Lance Four Seasons Weather Package 

If you are looking for an RV to get away in at any time of the year, you want a Lance. Lance is the only manufacturer that has the Certified Four Seasons All Weather Package. This package is great for any time of the year. When you want to get out during the hot summer months, you will stay coolest with this option. When you want to set off on an adventure during the winter, it has you covered as well and will keep you toasty warm in colder conditions.

How is this accomplished? First, the furnace onboard is up to a 25,000 BTU furnace. This ultra-quiet furnace keeps you warm and is also very efficient, burning less fuel. There is also an advanced duct system that heats your RV exactly where it needs to be. You will never have hot or cold spots again. A great feature that comes standard on all Lance RV’s is the dual pane windows. There are many fantastic reasons Lance has made this very popular option now standard.

First, they are the best insulating type of window you can have and they look great. They are also more soundproof over regular windows. The dark tint in the panes double as protection for your interior fabrics and repels heat. This also keeps wandering or unwelcome eyes from peering inside. We don’t suppose you will want to store your camper much if you have this incredible all-season package.

If you do need to, however, you are well-equipped with a water heater that features a winterizing and bypass valve to make it super easy. Winterizing when needed ultimately lengthens the life of your RV.

Lance also includes insulated hatch covers in the Four Seasons Weather Package, to add increased insulation to the hatch areas of your RV during extreme cold conditions.

Lance Truck Campers also receive an insulated bed pad with this package, providing yet another layer of protective insulation beneath the mattress in the cab over area. The last piece of equipment that completes this package is the use of Azdel, which is a thermoplastic product that does away with the need of wood in construction.

This feature results in virtually no mold, mildew or rot throughout the unit. So when you want the best in options for year round adventures, check out Lance’s Four Seasons Weather Package.