Lance News - How Yoga Can Help You Be a Better Explorer

How Yoga Can Help You Be a Better Explorer

How Yoga Can Help You Be a Better Explorer 

You may think that yoga is just a way to relax and stretch, but did you know that it can also help you as a traveler and explorer? Yoga is a great way to increase strength and endurance while helping get you into a good frame of mind for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Flexibility and Strength

Yoga helps to build strength through the use of holding poses and body weight, which can dramatically increase core strength and balance. Additionally, you'll find that practicing yoga can help to incrementally improve your flexibility since many poses demand it. Each time you go through a routine, you'll gradually find yourself able to bend more and more.

Both strength and flexibility are obvious boons to anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors and on the road.

Endurance and Recovery

Want to go further each day and still be able to do more the next day? Yoga can help there too. Regular stretching is a key component in one's ability to recover from strenuous exercise, such as all-day hiking, climbing, or biking. Incorporate a yoga routine into your cooldown and see dramatic results in your ability to bounce back the next day.

Attitude and Frame of Mind

Above all, perhaps, is yoga's ability to center the mind and help with attitude. As you go through the routine, try to clear your mind and focus on reflection and meditation. Look back over the day and look forward to the day to come. This not only helps your outdoor exploration, but your travels in your truck camper as well.

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