Lance News - Visit Big Bend National Park

Visit Big Bend National Park

Visit Big Bend National Park 

Big Bend National Park marks not only one of the best landscapes in Texas, but one of the most beautiful in all the country.

Mostly comprised of the Chihuahua Desert, notable features in the park include the Chisos Mountain range (the southernmost mountain range in the United States as well as the only mountain range to lie totally within the boundaries of a national park) and the Rio Grande River. The park is huge, covering 801,163 ares, and is home to numerous species, including 1200 plants, 450 birds, 56 repiles, and 75 mammals.

The park is famous for stargazing due to its clear skies, elevation, and almost non-existent light pollution. You'll surely stumble across an astronomer or two studying the Milky Way galaxy, the planets in the solar system, or distant stars.

The park is also a treasure trove of archaeological and anthropological wonders, with abundant fossils and human relics and artifacts that are as old as 9000 years.

Big Bend is one of the largest, most remote, and least visited national parks in the United States. Don't let that keep you from visiting, however. View the lack of visitors as a positive, as you'll not have to deal with crowds as you enjoy the park.

Big Bend's primary activities include hiking and backpacking along its many trails, some of which can take multiple days to complete in their entirety. Birdwatching and nature watching are also very popular due to the biodiversity of the park.

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