Lance News - Taking Your Small Dog Out for a Hike

Taking Your Small Dog Out for a Hike

Taking Your Small Dog Out for a Hike 

Hiking is often seen as a big, energetic dog's sport. This is a misconception, though. A small dog can handle the trail just as readily as his larger counterpart, and may even do so with more enthusiasm. Don't leave your smaller dog back at the camper the next time you go out for a hike, just use this tips to make sure they have a fun hike.

Start Out Small

Just like your small dog, it's good to start out small. Do less challenging hikes and shorter distances to acclimate your small dog to the concept of hiking. Once they get the hang of the distances involved, they'll be able to graduate to more demanding walks.

Remember to Plan a Break or Two

Don't demand too much of your small travel buddy: plan to rest along the way and offer them plenty of food and even more water. A collapsible water dish is perfect for hiking, especially the ones that come with a carabiner clip.

Know When They're Done

The best part thing about a small dog on a hike is that, when they tire, you can simply pick them up and place them in your pack for the rest of the hike. Try that with a 100-pound dog! You get to finish the hike, your dog gets a front row seat to the rest of the trail, and everybody wins.

Travel in a Lance Camper

Another advantage of a smaller dog is that they'll feel right at home in your Lance Camper. Bigger dogs might feel cooped up with life on the road, but a smaller dog can take it in stride. If you're traveling in the comfort and convenience of a Lance Camper, or are considering doing so, don't hesitate to bring your little buddy with you!