Visit Arches National Park this Summer

Visit Arches National Park this Summer 

Gearing up for a summer road trip, but you're not sure where you might go? If you're lacking a clear destination or perhaps you'll be traveling through Utah anyway, you should definitely stop in at Arches National Park.

Arches National Park is one of the American Southwest's most iconic parks. If you've ever seen a Western film, you've at least seen parts of Arches National Park. The high desert landscape is filled with natural rock arches, over 2000 of them in fact, all made of sandstone. From the world-famous Delicate Arch to the imposing Organ formation, Arches National Park captures the romance and beauty of America's Western deserts like no other park, with the exception maybe of Monument Valley

Administered by the National Park Service since 1929 and officially designated as a National Park in 1971, Arches National Park has inspired awe and fascination over decades and generations.

Besides exploring the beauty of the park and seeing all of the landmarks, activities include hiking, climbing (though not on arches), biking, auto touring, backpacking, camping, and astronomy (excellent due to the park's deep and dark night skies).

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