Lance News - Great Biking Trails in California

Great Biking Trails in California

Great Biking Trails in California 

May is National Bike Month and to recognize that we're compiling the greatest biking trails in one of the country's best states for biking: California. If you're traveling through California this summer, make sure to grab your bike and hit these trails for experiences like no other.

Monterey Bay Coastal Trail

This 18-mile trail wraps around Monterey Bay and along the Pacific Coast. The trail connects Monterey to several nearby towns along the coast and offers riders plenty of stunning views and fun attractions. See the expansive Pacific Ocean and enjoy riding past Cannery Row, scores of fishing boats, great seafood restaurants, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Bizz Johnson National Recreation Trail

The Bizz Johnson National Recreation Trail is a 25.4-mile long trail that runs through the Susan River Canyon, just east of the Sierra and Cascade mountain ranges. Arguably one of California's most scenic and spectacular biking trails, the Bizz Johnson trail offers sights and views unparalleled in California. A hidden gem along the trail is the community of Susanville, which has take it upon itself to make trail visitors feel welcome; stopping there makes for a delightful respite while you traverse the trail.

Bayshore Bikeway

The 17-mile long Bayshore Bikeway offers views of the Pacific Ocean, San Diego Bay, and the San Diego skyline. It's an urban route and offers up access to parks and restaurants while you ride it. It's a great trail if you want scenery and attractions in equal measure.

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