Lance News - Summer Guide to Stargazing

Summer Guide to Stargazing

Summer Guide to Stargazing 

Warm temperatures and sunny skies make summer one of the best times to be outside. However, some of the best summer fun comes after the sun sets. Stargazing is one of the top ways to get outdoors at night this time of year, and with so many parks and perfect stargazing locations throughout the country, you're probably closer to one than you think (just like you're closer to a Lance Camper dealership than you may think!).

The following are the best places to go and a few stargazing tips from astronomers, so you can make the most of your time outdoors this camping season.

Best Places for Stargazing in America

There are plenty of great stargazing sites all across the country - pretty much anywhere with little light pollution and a clear sky. But the best spots, and there are indeed some spots that exceed others, offer up an experience unlike any other. You'll want to try such sites as Deathy Valley, California, Kitt Peak National Observatory, Arizona, Big Bend National Park, Texas, Glacier National Park, Wyoming, the Headlands, Michigan, or Cherry Springs State Park, Pennsylvania.

Go Higher

You don't have to live in the middle of nowhere to stargaze. Even those who live in cities can spot stars, constellations and the Milky Way galaxy from the correct location. Simply go to the highest point possible to get above the light pollution. At the campground, it may pay to go for a short hike to escape light pollution from fellow RVs and campers.

Use Binoculars

There's no need to go out and purchase a telescope as an amateur stargazer. Instead, opt for an affordable but quality set of binoculars. These can help you view craters, the moon and planets more closely without have to purchase and travel with a bulky telescope.

Use a Star Chart

A star chart is one of the best ways to understand the skies. While smartphone applications also work well, the phone's white light can hinder your eyes' ability to adjust to the darkness. A star chart also doesn't require cell phone service or a battery, so you can use it when your phone is not available. 

Follow Astronomers on Social Media

Following astronomers on Facebook and Twitter keeps means you stay informed about specials events that are happening in the sky. They also offer tips for using telescopes, accessing observatories and finding the best places to stargaze. 

Hit the Road in a Lance Camper

There's no better way to travel to all of the country's best stargazing locations than in the comfort and convenience of a Lance Camper.