Lance News - Eco Friendly From the Ground Up

Eco Friendly From the Ground Up

Eco Friendly From the Ground Up 

Earth Day celebrations and activities always help RV enthusiasts remember the importance of living an environmentally-friendly life on the road. Here at the Lance Camper Manufacturing Corporation, we make eco-friendly living and RV construction a year-round priority. Our Lance RVs are environmentally-friendly from the ground up, and the following are a few ways you'll enjoy a greener lifestyle when you purchase a Lance RV.

It's Starts  in Our Buildings

We began by creating a 141,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art campus equipped with "smart buildings" to design and manufacture our RVs. These buildings use natural light as well as metered air conditioning and heating systems that are tied into the power grid to save more power than ever before. The lights in each building are also intelligent, so power never gets wasted.

It's Reflected in Our RVs

We've search the entire world for RV manufacturing products that are more environmentally friendly. Our unique Azdel product now replaces wood in all of our RV structures. It's lighter and provides better insulation, allowing Lance owners to save power with reduced heating and air conditioning needs. Additionally, our Lite-ply material allows for superior woodwork that is farmed from renewable resources. 

All of the cleaners and glues used by the Lance company meet California's highest standards, which are the toughest in the nation. 

The Entire Process Is Eco-Friendly

Our desire to save the environment isn't just reflected in our manufacturing facilities and our RVs, it's reflected in our production practices as well. Our advanced engineering involves computers using CNC routers to create a minimal amount of waste. We produce less waste than nearly all other RV manufactures, and a majority of our waste is recycled. 

Even more, all Lance products are now mercury-free, which means you enjoy an RV experience that's safer for you as well as the environment. Find out more about our environmentally-friendly practices by logging onto our website or taking a factory tour with us in Lancaster, Calif.