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Keeping America Beautiful

Keeping America Beautiful 

April is Keep America Beautiful Month, and that means it's time to start doing your part to protect the outdoor spaces you love most. The Keep America Beautiful campaign is made up of roughly 600 community-based affiliates and organizations that help more than 5 million volunteers beautify America through recycling improvement, putting an end to littering and other Earth-friendly tasks. The following are a few simple things you can do to keep America beautiful this month and for the months and years to come. 

Start a Recycling Program at Work

You probably notice there are numerous places you go throughout the day that don't offer recycle bins. One of those places may be your home, workplace or even your RV. You can make a difference by starting your own recycling program in those places. Simply provide bins for different types of recyclable items, including cardboard, plastic and aluminum. You can take these recyclable items to the waste management station on your own or contact a waste removal company for pickup.

Plant Native Species Along Your Way

A big part of what makes America so beautiful is its natural resources. The green spaces RV travelers seek for solitude and relaxation are often studded with trees, bushes and other pieces of natural beauty. You can give back to the areas you visit by planting a plant or tree that is native to that area when you're there.

Create Your Own Beach Clean-Up

Headed to the beach for spring break this year? Create your own family beach clean-up when you arrive. Make it a competition by rewarding the person with the most trash items with a prize when you're finished. This is a great way to make the beaches you enjoy cleaner while giving back to the communities and wildlife that call those beaches home.

Give Back in Your Lance RV

One of the best ways to travel throughout America is in the comfort and convenience of a Lance RV. Start your very own recycling program in your Lance RV to do your part in preserving America's beauty.