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Lance Truck Support Equipment

Lance Truck Support Equipment 

If you're thinking about a Lance truck camper for your next recreational vehicle, you've probably done your research and know what kind of advantages it affords and what kind of truck you need to carry one.

You may not know, however, that Lance Camper offers a suite of truck support equipment to help make traveling in your truck camper more convenient and comfortable.

Torklift Super Hitch & Super Truss Extension System

Torklift Super Hitch frame mounted hitch receiver, rated up to 3,000 lbs. tongue weight and 30,000 lbs pull and Super Truss Extension System with up to 14,000 lbs. towing capacity with weight distribution and lengths from 21" to 60", increases your towing capabilities over your truck's factory-stock hitch.

Wireless Rear-View Camera/Microphone and 7-inch In-Cab LCD Monitor

Let's you see and hear what's behind your Lance truck camper from the comfort of your truck's cab. This is especially handy if you are used to relying on your rearview mirror when driving.

Lance Custom Designed Cab-Over Shocks

Cab-Over Shocks ("cab-over struts") reduce the impact of up-and-down motion from irregular roads. Lance-Exclusive Cab-Over Shocks("cab-over struts") have quick-release stainless steel connectors.

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