Lance News - Enjoy Free Entrance Days to National Parks

Enjoy Free Entrance Days to National Parks

Enjoy Free Entrance Days to National Parks  

The argument that “nothing is free,” isn’t the case when you’re talking about the National Park Service. Our country’s national parks are some its best features, and the National Parks Service wants all citizens to have access to them. That’s why the National Park Service offer several fee-free days throughout the year.

Start planning your Lance Camper trip to your favorite National Park, or maybe one you’ve been longing to visit, on the fee-free dates for 2017.

About Fee-Free Days

Our country is home to 405 national parks and just 133 of them charge entrance fees to visitors. Fee-free days are when a large number of those 133 parks open their gates to the public for free. And although the fee-free waiver typically doesn’t include camping fees, concessions or tours, it does mean that no entrance fees, transportation entrance fees, or commercial tour fees will be charged to visitors.

Fee-Free Dates for 2017

The National Park Service’s fee-free dates are spread throughout the year, and some include full weekends, so you can spend multiple days exploring some of our country’s greatest wonders. This year’s fee-free dates are as follows:

  • April 15-16 and 22-23 — Weekends of National Park Week
  • Aug. 25 — National Park Service Birthday
  • Sept. 30 — National Public Lands Day
  • Nov. 11-12 — Veterans Day Weekend

The National Parks Annual Pass

Fee-free dates are great for planning a day or weekend getaway to a national park, but if you plan on visiting multiple national parks throughout the year, an annual pass could be the best option. An $80 annual pass includes access to over 2,000 federal lands including national wildlife refuges, national parks, national forests and tons more.

Visit National Parks in a Lance Camper

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