Lance News - Gardening on the Road

Gardening on the Road

Gardening on the Road 

If you're living on the road in your Lance Camper, you don't have to miss out on gardening. You may not be able to have as elaborate of a garden as you have at home, but you can still grow your favorite plants and herbs in the compact space of your Lance Camper. The following are a few ways you can continue your gardening hobby on the go.

Consider a Container Garden

Container gardening is convenient and tidy. The container limits the amount of weeds and pests and allows you to move your garden throughout the day into more or less light. Herbs, like basil, oregano, rosemary, and mint, are easy to grow in a compact container garden, and you can still enjoy that fresh-picked taste with all of your meals. Hang an herb garden over your sink, and you won't have to worry about where the excess water goes. 

Use a Shoe Holder

Canvas, over-the-door shoe hangers can be used for countless storage solutions inside your Lance Camper. However, they can also be used to grow herbs and other plants. Pot your plants in each of the pockets and move it outside during the day for more light. 

Window Boxes

Enthusiasts miss their home gardens so much that a number of companies have designed camper-sized window boxes. Purchase these for your Lance Camper windows, and you'll be able to grow tomatoes, peppers and other items that need slightly more space and more time outside than herbs.

Travel in a Lance Camper

If you're ready to take your life and hobbies on the road, including gardening, consider purchasing a Lance Camper from a dealership near you.