Lance News - Freezing Tips for Frozen Food Month

Freezing Tips for Frozen Food Month

Freezing Tips for Frozen Food Month 

March isn't just about nutrition, but frozen food as well. Frozen Food Month may sound at odds with National Nutrition Month (frozen dinners?), but it isn't at all. Proper freezing techniques mean that you can freeze some really good stuff that you can then thaw later and enjoy, which may have perished before you could eat it had you merely refrigerated it. With that in mind, here are some tips on using your Lance Camper's freezer to keep food longer and fresher.

Always Allow Food to Cool

This is essential for a number of reasons. If you place something hot into a freezer, it will freeze less effectively, can raise the temperature of your freezer, and may even partially thaw other frozen items. If you have leftovers of any kind, always allow them to cool to room temperature before storing.

Fill Your Freezer

If your freezer isn't a full house, try to make it one. A more densely packed freezer means that air doesn't have to circulate as much since the various frozen items are keeping one another frozen (sort of the opposite of sharing body heat). If you have empty space and no readily apparent items to fill the spaces with, try filling plastic bottles halfway and stacking them in the empty areas.

Only Thaw What You Can Eat

To this end, freeze in portions. Rather than throwing everything you purchase into the freezer as it was packaged at the store, take the time to process it into portions. Those steaks you got half-off but don't intend to eat this week? Separate them out into individual portions so that you can thaw exactly as many as you need.

Speaking of Packaging...

Wrap and package as tightly as possible, disallowing air from entering. If you have a shrink wrapper with you on the road for some reason, great! If, more likely, you don't, it's not a problem. Just use Ziploc bags and squeeze as much air out as possible to avoid spoilage or freezer burn.

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