Lance News - Start Planning Your Spring Break Road Trip

Start Planning Your Spring Break Road Trip

Start Planning Your Spring Break Road Trip 

It's time to start planning for your spring break road trip if you haven't done so already. If this is your first spring break in your Lance Camper and you're not sure how to proceed with planning, we've got some tips that will help you along to a smooth and fun spring break experience.

Decide Where You're Going

The obvious place to start is the big decision: where will you go? Some important factors to consider include how far you're willing to drive, how much time you have off, who's going with you, and what activities sound entertaining. Spring break is the signal of warm weather in many parts of the country, so perhaps consider a beach, water park resort, or national park destination. If you'd rather spend your time off in a more urban setting away from the beach-going crowds, you can always pick out a city you've been wanting to explore. Whatever you decide, make sure to research your destination and find out where you can setup your Lance Camper.

Make Sure Your Lance Camper is in Good Shape

If your Lance Camper hasn't been through its paces recently and is emerging from its winter hibernation, it's especially important that you schedule service with your local RV dealer or garage. Truck campers might be good to go, but a travel trailer or toy hauler is going to be in contact with the road surface, so it's a good idea to make sure that they're prepared for the journey. At the very least, check your Lance Camper over yourself, looking for signs of wear and tear.

Stock Your Lance Camper with Supplies

Empy your Lance Camper completely so you're starting with a fresh slate. Then determine what items are absolutely essential to your trip (i.e. clothing, food, toiletries, travel accessories, and items needed for your intended destination). After that, you can add other items as room allows. Don't overpack or you'll start to feel cramped even in the roomiest Lance models!

Spring Break in a Lance Camper

If you've yet to check out a Lance Camper, stop by a local Lance dealership today to tour one. With dealerships across the country, you're sure to find a Lance Camper near you that fits your family and travel goals perfectly!