Lance News - America's Top Hiking Destinations

America's Top Hiking Destinations

America's Top Hiking Destinations 

It's American Heart Month and that means promoting and celebrating anything and everything that's good for your heart, like diet and exercise. While there are all sorts of recipes and activities that are promoted for better health, hiking is a bit underrated.

What's not to like about hiking? Depending on the trail, it's an activity that's easy enough for anyone and challenging enough for the fittest among us. It's a steady form of exercise that's less about intensity and more about consistency. And it's also slow-paced enough that you can stop and enjoy the scenery while you go, which makes it great for those who travel to some of the country's most beautiful areas to do their hiking.

Mooney Falls, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

At 6 miles for a round trip, make sure that you're prepared for a relatively lengthy hike. Also make sure that you're prepared for some gorgeous views. Starting at Supai, a village on the Hualapai Indian Reserve, the trail descends through two travertine tunnels, down iron ladders, and along chains anchored into the rock face. As you proceed, you'll catch glimpses of Mooney Falls. The reward for going all the way is the deep aquamarine pool at the bottom, contrasted starkly agains the red canyon walls.

John Muir Trail, High Sierras, California

If you're particularly adventurous and skilled, you can certainly hike all 211 miles of the John Muir Trail. For those not looking to embark on such a journey, you can hike portions of the trail and still see some spectacular sights in the High Sierra backcountry.

The trail begins in Yosemite Valley (which itself has great hiking opportunities) and passes through the Ansel Adams Wilderness, Devil's Postpile National Monument, Kings Canyon National Park, Sequoia National Park, and ends at Mt. Whitney. If you're just interested in a portion, pick one of the parks and plan a day hike there.

Appalachian Trail, Eastern U.S.

This is one long trail. It winds 2,200 miles through a number of states, extending from Georgia to Maine. Like the John Muir Trail, you certainly don't have to hike it all (doing so takes months, lots of preparation, and even more endurance).

The trail may seem daunting, but there's a lot of natural beauty to be seen along its length, especially in the portions that wend through the Appalachian Mountains. If you head there in the fall, the colors are phenomenal as the trees turn.

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