Lance News - Hosting a Super Bowl Party on the Road

Hosting a Super Bowl Party on the Road

Hosting a Super Bowl Party on the Road 

It's the Patriots vs the Falcons at Super Bowl LI. Though that means that football season is almost over, the biggest football parties are yet to come. And that means there's still plenty of time to plan a Super Bowl party in your Lance Camper while on the road. Follow these fun and simple tips to host the perfect Super Bowl celebration for you and your friends at the campground or RV park this year.

Create a Checklist

Every great party starts with a checklist, so you don't forget any of the key elements that will make your party one to remember. Start by making a list of the things you want to have at your party, including decorations, coolers (with plenty of drinks inside), ice, snacks, bottle openers, dishes, cutlery, napkins and plenty of seating. And of course, you'll need a TV that is easy for all of your guests to view at the same time. Write down all of the items you plan to have at your party and check them off as you start to gather supplies.

Take It Easy on Yourself

Planning a party is never easy, especially when you'll be preparing food and drinks with less space than you're used to. After all, you want to enjoy your Super Bowl party too. Keep recipes simple and opt to prepare portable foods, so your guests aren't forced to crowd around the dinette while eating. Use paper dishes and disposable cutlery to save yourself time when it comes to cleaning up after your whole crew has left.

Keep Outside an Option

If the weather is right, be sure to offer outdoor TV viewing and seating options for your guests. The outdoors area at your campsite can double the amount of people you can invited to your party. Set up food and drinks outside, so your guests don't have to cram into your Lance Camper kitchen to grab a bite of food or a drink. If you're faced with poor weather, don't be afraid to bring some of your outdoor furniture inside for more seating.

Throw Your Super Bowl Party in a Lance Camper

Shop for a Lance Camper at a local dealership near you and then hit the road. Why stay tethered down to one place when the open road could be yours as you travel in your own Lance Camper?